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Should You Invest In Stocks Or Real Estate?

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Okay, so you can bet I’m going to be a little biased 😉 Choosing which one is right for you is going to take a little thinking and will depend on your individual situation. Both have their Pros and Cons.

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Different Types Of Real Estate Investing

One thing I like most about RE investing is that to me it seems to be much more diverse. There are multiple ways that you can use your money to invest in real estate.

Here are a few from The Street

• REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), collective funds through which people can invest in real estate by purchasing shares of the trust;

• Joint/joint and several ownership, which involves buying a piece of property along with one or more other people as co-owners;

• Rental properties, through which you buy a piece of property and rent it to tenants as a revenue source;

• Direct revenue, when you buy a piece of property and use it yourself to generate revenue, such as a storefront, a tourist destination or a mining operation;

• Property flipping, when you buy a piece of property in order to increase its value then re-sell it.

From the Article “Real Estate vs. Stock Investing: Which Is a Better Investment?

That’s just a few of the ways you can make money in Real Estate.

Another option is actually lending money that you already have to an investor. This method can be very rewarding as well as very risky. When lending to an investor make sure you have strong contracts as well as make sure you are dealing with a reputable investor that has done a few deals already and have a good track record.

There are some firms that you can find locally (if you are in a big metropolitan area) that you can lend to a hard money lender and they will handle everything for you. They take your money and guarantee a certain return and they lend the money or pool it together to make loans to investors. This is a better option if you have only say 25k or so to invest. This brings me to my next point –

How Much Money Do You Have To Invest?

If you only have 5 to 10k or less to invest, then stocks may be a better play for you. If you are able to buy a second house besides your primary residence, there are costs that you have to consider that will mount up month after month, especially if you go the “landlord” route.

Real estate can cost you money every month if the property is unoccupied. You still have to pay taxes, maintenance, utilities, insurance, and more, meaning that if you find yourself with a higher-than-usual vacancy rate due to factors beyond your control, you could actually have to come up with money each month!

Read the article “Should You Invest in Real Estate or Stocks?

However, Investopedia makes a great point –

Purchasing property requires more initial capital than investing in stocks, mutual funds or even real estate investment trusts. However, when purchasing property, investors have more leverage over their money enabling them to buy a more valuable investment vehicle. Putting $25,000 into securities buys $25,000 in value. Conversely, the same investment in real estate could buy $125,000 in property with a mortgage and tax-deductible interest.

Read The Entire Article “Reasons to Invest in Real Estate vs. Stocks

That’s a really good point that I like, I can buy something and have a lot of equity right off the bat!

Draw Backs Of Real Estate Investing

Probably the biggest drawback of investing in real estate is the liquidity. Your money is going to be tied up. If you have an emergency and need to get your money out fast, well that’s just not going to happen with real estate. In the very best case scenario you can get your money out in 30 days, but probably more like 60 to 90, depending on how you sell. With stocks, well more than likely you can just make a phone call, sell your stocks and have your money in just a few days.


There is a lot to consider when investing your hard earned money. Probably the two biggest things are how much you have to invest and how liquid do you need your money to be.

I have to say I prefer Real Estate. Why? Because it’s something I can actually touch and is a physical asset, unlike stocks.

In the end, it’s up to you and your individual suggestion. Before just jumping into either one, it’d probably best to get advice from a professional financial planner.



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Can You Sell Your House As Is

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Sometimes people have lived in a property for some time and don’t make repairs. The roof may be leaking, or you have old and outdated plumbing like galvanized steel. Maybe you have been through a major catastrophe and don’t have insurance or the money to make repairs. We are often faced with the question from sellers “can I sell my house as is?”. If you find yourself in this predicament, keep reading to learn the answer.

Selling Your House As Is

In all reality, yes, you can sell your house as is. However, depending on the properties condition will definitely limit your pool of potential buyers. If your house is in need of major repairs, more than likely you are going to have to sell to an investor, like we covered in our last article “Selling Your House To A Cash Buyer“. On the other hand, if your house only needs minor repairs like carpet, painting and other odds and ends, then you may be able to get more money from a buyer that intends to live in the property. But just because your house needs repairs doesn’t mean that you can’t make your home as nice as possible with some elbow grease to help in the sales process.

To get the most amount of money from your property you are going to have to clean and remove as much clutter from your home as possible. We found some great advice on the topic –

We highly recommend that if there are things that you can do without until you move, then go ahead and at least get a storage unit and put them away until you are at your new place.

When you are in your kitchen decluttering don’t forget about your junk drawer and underneath the kitchen sink. Buyers will always pull open at least one drawer and look under the sink to check out the plumbing. The last thing you want is either one to be stuffed with junk. For great storage ideas under your sink be sure and check out our article “Tidy Kitchens Help Sell Your House“.

Continue reading “How To Sell Your House As Is Fast

Packing things away and putting them in a storage unit is really good advice. Cleaning out from under your kitchen sink is also good advice. In their other article about tidy kitchens they have some good tips about how to organize things under the sink on the cheap.

Disclosure When Your Home Has Major Issues

In most states, no matter who you are selling your house to, you have to disclose any major issues that you know about. For instance if the house has foundation problems, you must disclose this to buyers. In some states you even have to disclose if you had problems and made the repairs.

Even after you disclose that there is something wrong with the property, there are still things you can do to help protect yourself from future law suits, as outlined here –

Know that disclosures are still required. Selling a house as is does mean “what you see is what you get,” but complete disclosure is still required by state law. That means that the buyer will get a report from a licensed home inspector outlining the problems, including problems that are not visible. When a sales contract is drawn up, the words “as is” need to be written clearly in the sales agreement, and the buyer needs to initial next to the words so that they cannot later claim that they didn’t know they were buying as is.

Continue reading “Selling A House As Is: 5 Tips To Make Buyers Interested

That is probably the best advice on selling a home, and any home for that matter. The only time that wouldn’t apply is if it is a brand new home from a builder. Anytime you are selling a home you should always have in the contract that the home is being sold “as is” and have the buyer initial next to it.

Now check out this video that has some good pros and cons about selling your house as is –



Yes, you can sell your house as is. Depending on the amount of repairs that need to be done will determine how wide of a range of buyers you will have interested in the property. If the repairs that need to be made aren’t that significant, then make sure to make your house as presentable as possible. And most importantly, if your home has major issues, you must disclose those problems to the buyer.


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Selling Your House To A Cash Buyer

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These days it’s becoming more popular of people selling their homes themselves. Many times these people choose to sell their house to a cash buyer. Usually this is because the house is in need of extensive repairs or updates and can’t get a buyer the conventional way of going through a realtor. Other times people are in desperate need of funds and need to sell their house fast for the cash. But how do you go about selling your house fast for cash, and how do you know you are dealing with a reputable company?

Advantages Of Selling To A Cash Buyer

The one big down side of selling to a cash buyer is that you more than likely won’t get top dollar. So why would someone sell their house to a cash buyer? There are a few good reasons.

The first one is that cash sales rarely fall through. One thing that is in most contracts when selling a property the conventional method is a “buyer mortgage contingency”. This basically states that if the buyer can’t qualify for a loan they can get their earnest money back and not complete the sale. This often leaves the seller having to start all over again – open house showings,  finding a buyer and price negotiations. This can be very time consuming and stressful to sellers. This is avoidable by using a cash buyer because there is no mortgage.

Next there is the speed of which that sale can happen. The speed of which a sale can happen was covered in this article –

Speed of the Sale

Instead of waiting for someone to make and offer and hoping that everything goes well with the sale, a cash sale is much faster. Once a cash offer is accepted for the home, you can get the money for your home in as little as a few days. When you’re facing financial difficulties or you need to sell your home quickly to relocated, the speed of the sale can be essential. When you sell you house for cash, you will be able to get the money that you need in time to avoid financial problems or be able to relocate and buy a new home quickly.

Continue reading the article ‘ADVANTAGES OF SELLING A HOME TO A CASH BUYER

The convenience is another big issue for a lot of sellers. Your house more than likely needs painting, carpeting and all kinds of other little items that need to be repaired or replaced before selling. Not having to pay out all of that cash for repairs before hand can be very appealing. Another thing that we should add is that by selling to a cash buyer you don’t have to be concerned with keeping the house clean all the time for showings.

Make Sure You Are Dealing With A Reputable Company

As with anything you must protect yourself and make sure you are not going to get scammed. This is especially true with one of the largest purchases you make, your home. There have been countless stories of people getting scammed when selling their house for cash. You must make sure you are dealing with a legitimate company. So how do you do that?

First is how do they communicate? Do they always answer the phone, or quick to call you back? Do they even have a phone number? One of the best things we can suggest is to do an internet search on the company. How are their reviews? Do they have a website? Can you easily find who the owners of the company are? These are all things that you should check and should be able to find an answer for. If not – seller beware!

Some additional things to look for when selling a house to a cash buyer –

Check Rendered

In virtually all cases of fraud where a home was paid for in cash, the buyer rendered a check. The seller or real estate professional accepted and deposited the check. The buyer changed his mind and asked for a refund. The seller or real estate professional refunded the amount of the check. Later, the buyer’s check did not clear the bank, and the seller or real estate professional was out the entire amount. The lesson learned is to never refund cash for a check until the check clears the bank.

Site Unseen

Another situation that throws down a red flag is when a buyer doesn’t need to see the property. That doesn’t necessarily mean the buyer is a scam artist, but it’s a good up-front indicator. Proceed cautiously when a buyer passes on viewing the property.

See the full article ‘Things to Watch When Selling a House for Cash

We highly suggest that you read that full article to learn more about what to look for when selling to a cash buyer. We also suggest that no matter what you involve an attorney to check all the legal documents.


Selling to a cash buyer has it’s advantages, and it disadvantages. The greatest disadvantage is that you won’t get top dollar, but if your property is dire need of repairs this shouldn’t be an issue. The advantages are fast closings and limited showings as well as a quick sale. Above all, you need to make sure that whatever company or individuals you are selling to are legitimate and aren’t trying to scam you.

Learn more about selling your house to a cash buyer from these articles –

There are plenty of good reasons to sell your home for cash

Who Will Buy My House For Cash?

How to Sell Your House for Cash

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How To Find Investment Properties

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What is the one thing that makes a successful real estate investor? A steady and constant stream of leads. Without them, your real estate business will struggle. Whether you are a flipper or trying to build your rental portfolio, you need new leads on a daily basis. So how do you keep a good flow of deals coming to you? That’s what we will cover here.

It’s a question and a complaint that I hear often from most investors, where do you find good deals? You may or may not like the answer. If you are a solo investor more than likely most of your time is going to be spent finding good properties. If you have a small staff, it may be a little easier for you to dedicate one person to this task.  Now you may be thinking about the cost involved of having someone trying to find deals for you all the time, but how much are you NOT making by not having enough deals?

Investment Property Sources

Bird Dogs

One way method that you may be able to utilize is the help of what is sometimes referred to as “bird dogs”. These are other investors that usually have a property under contract and are willing to sell you that property for a small fee that is usually paid at the closing table. What is actually happening here is that they are assigning you the contract to purchase the subject property and then in the HUD they have a line item for anywhere to $2500, $5000 or more paid to them. If you find a good a good bird dog they will leave you plenty of meat on the bone to make money yourself.

So how do you find these bird dogs? There are a few ways. One is to visit your local REIA (Real Estate Investor Association). In most big cities there are multiple REIA’s that you can attend. Network the room and find some of these people, let them know the types of properties and areas that you are investing in and they will be more than happy to add you to their cash buyer list.

Another great way to find them is to use the internet. The power of the internet has really exploded over the past few years. Just go to your favorite search engine and perform a search for wholesale real estate deals or discount real estate investments and you will probably find a few good companies to do business with. You may have to use a local modifier at the beginning or at the end of your query to make sure you are getting local results. And if you prefer not to read don’t forget that you can also do a search on Youtube like off market properties and get good results as well.

Other Methods

The good news is that there are still a lot of other ways to find great real estate investments. One method is using foreclosure lists. Jake Borjas wrote an extensive article about using this method:

Foreclosures Lists: This is my favorite way of finding investment properties. The main reasons for foreclosures are missed payments due to job interruptions, divorce, and health problems. The easiest way to get a hold of this list is to perform an internet search in any of the main search engines for the words ‘foreclosure list”. The monthly subscription price varies from $28 to $35. This money is well spent. I have found very nice investment properties using this method. For instance in 2003, I found a 4 year old house with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths in a nice neighborhood. I knew that this was a good deal because the bank was asking for $87,000 and the original sales price was $105,000 two years before. In addition, the tax assessor had valued this property for $106,000. You are able to obtain all this information without leaving your house. The internet is a wonderful tool to get information. After looking at the house, I decided that this was an excellent deal. The Real Estate Agent almost fell off his chair after he saw my initial offer of $69,000. After more negotiations, I ended up buying the investment property for $72,000. The current assessed value is $115,000.

Continue reading “How to Find Profitable Investment Properties

Good info in his article about foreclosure lists. Another point that he makes is using real estate agents. We like this method as well, however you need to find a good agent that understands your business and what you are looking for. Not all real estate agents are created equal.


This is just the tip of the iceberg if you will. You can also get lists for probate properties, divorce lists, absentee or out of town owners and try sending a “yellow letter” or even a post card to see if they are interested in selling their property. In the future we may add another post or just add to this one to give you a lot more ways to find your next investment property. In the mean time, here is some recommended reading for you on finding wholesale investment properties:

How to Find Profitable Investment Properties

How To Find The Best Investment Homes For Sale

How to Find a Real Estate Investment Property


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Getting Into Real Estate Investing

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I know it has been awhile since I have posted, but honestly, sometimes this site can be a real pain, and it’s all because of the server.(Let that be a lesson for you if you are going to host your own WordPress Website and go ahead and pay for good hosting.)

Anyhow, I get a lot of questions from people asking me how to get started in Real Estate without paying a “Guru” tens of thousands of dollars. Well, I found some guys that put out a ton of good information – for FREE. Granted they won’t teach you everything there is to know about RE investing, but it is a good place to start. Here is a video from YouTube that you can watch and subscribe to their Channel and also get on their email list.

P.S. Be on the look out because I intend to do a lot more posting this year, so make sure and check back often or check out my RSS feed from here – (It took me a long time to get the feed fixed, so please, if you are interested, use it!)

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How To Get The Most For Your Property In Today’s Real Estate Market

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There have been a lot of changes in the past few years as far as the real estate market is concerned. In today’s real estate market, many of the old techniques that investors and property owners used are now obsolete or quickly losing their appeal to buyers. Understanding today’s market trends is critical to getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to profiting from real estate listings.

Sell Your House Fast In Dallas


How To Sell Your House In Today's MarketTake Your Property Online
Did you know that 90% of home buyers will look at your property online before they ever contact a realtor? This isn’t just a random statistic either. The National Association of Realtors conducted a survey of home buyers to get that number. What does this mean for you? If you’re trying to sell a home or property in today’s real estate market, then having a powerful online presence is very important. Make certain that your realtor has a website that features in-depth property descriptions with detailed information about your property as well as numerous, quality photographs of your property.


Open Multiple Lines Of Communication
Many potential home buyers are now busier than ever before and prefer to view properties online. Because of this, you will want to have many different forms of contact available to them.
Make certain that either you or your realtor are taking advantage of different contact methods. Things such as phone, email, and mail are essential but also look into online social networks and text messaging in order to attract younger buyers.


Set The Stage To Sell
Home staging is a fairly new practice for home sellers. Many realtors have used the old-school trick of baking cookies prior to and during an open house in order to make potential buyers feel more at home. Home stagers take this to an entirely new level. Contracting a professional home stager is one of the best ways to get higher purchase prices in today’s real estate market. They offer specialized services designed to help your property sell for as much as possible by creating an optimal environment for the people who would be the most likely to be interested in it.
For example, a home stager may look at a one-bedroom flat and optimize the decor, furniture, and photos to appeal more to young single individuals and couples. That same stager would take a two-bedroom rural home and set it up to be more appealing to a couple wanting to retire.

By taking the time to search out the best realtors and home stagers in your area, you can assure more money for your property than you thought possible in today’s real estate market. There is still money to be made for property owners and investors if they’re willing to adapt to the new changes in the marketplace.

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The Reality Of Search Engine Optimizations As They Apply To The Real Estate Profession

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When it comes to the list of “industries forever changed by the advent of the Internet,” real estate can be found at the very top; likely in the top three spots. Thanks to the convenience of reaching many people very quickly, competition is fierce online and offline as rival companies battle for the eyes and ears of their customers. Being as everyone is roughly even going into the Internet battlefield, you will need to learn about the secret weapon in the war for customer attention, Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

If you hope to harness the true power of Internet connectivity, then implementing SEO for your real estate business is the most important move one could make. You will need to invest in an understanding, or someone who has one, of the best SEO methodologies if you hope to give your business an advantage in the market. Don’t fall into the common pitfall of spending thousands of dollars on an enterprise level website that not one can find because someone in marketing decided that SEO, or the way people actually are able to find your website before stumbling across a competitor, was the best place to “conserve resources.”

More so in real estate than in other fields, one will need to focus on converting website visitors into buying, paying, customers. The more unique individuals visit your website, the higher the percentage of users that can potentially be converted therein. Through the implementation of a solid strategy, that of get eyes and then get conversions, in your website design, you would already be ahead of any competition who also may have not taken those same steps.

Real estate is unique in terms of SEO attractiveness, as the target market for real estate is very focused and narrow. This means the visitors who are coming to your site are not there by accident, they are coming in with the explicit goal of selling or shopping for a home or residence. These are the people you want to ensure see your site at the top of their local search before your competitors have a chance, this initial contact on the web also increased your throughput for person to person contact, and interactions with your real estate company on this side of the Internet as well.

After searching for SEO options in your area, it may seem quite daunting to ensure a quality return for your investment. Always consider SEO an investment in your bottom line. Once you have found an SEO service or consultant that you feel is right for your business, they will be able to make sure that your website is fully taking advantage of all of the tricks of the trade. At this point, once their initial pass is done, and it will need tuning there after, you should begin to see returns. The best companies in this field will offer a flat rate service charge to retouch and maintain your SEO for you each month going forward. This allows you to stay at the cusp of new optimizations with little to no drain on your manpower.

All things considered, the benefit of SEO, as it applies to real estate, is very much worth the investment, and you will can this correlated through your rise in web traffic and conversions. The real estate industry relies on bringing interested customers into your business for a sale, and the SEO industry relies on being able to get those people to you before your competitors have a chance. What more could one want in two interrelated markets?

Here is a great real estate seo expert to help you get found on the internet for your real estate business –

And here is a quick video on other things you need to cover as part of your internet campaigns –


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Tips To Sell Your Home Fast

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Sell your house fastThere may be hundreds of books available at your local books store about how to sell your home fast. Getting your house ready to sell may take a few days depending on how much work you want to do to the house. The more you do to your home to get it ready to sell the more likely you are to sell your home fast.


You’re now ultimately ready to jump into the work at hand. However, first we will cover a few beneficial things to do first. A few things that you can do to prepare to sell your home are, browse the internet to look for potential investors that may want to purchase your home, pack up your belongings and get the house ready. Combined these few things can make your life easier.

Florida Real Estate Investors  who will buy your home right now without you have to do any repairs or preparing your house for a fast sale!                                                                                                       , Sell House Fast Saint Petersburg, Sell House Fast Land O Lakes


Preparing for a few days, or maybe weeks before you sell your home is absolutely essential, and can’t be emphasized enough. You should find that painting the inside of your house, changing the carpet, and cleaning up the yard will guarantee that you get the most bang for your buck and help to get your house sold quickly.


These things can be costly, but they will make the house appear newer and cleaner and give the home a cleaner smell, especially with painting the walls and carpet. If you have pets they always leave an odor and you would be surprised how odors are absorbed into the paint on walls.


With the outdoors, you can certainly be removing the childrens toys, cutting the grass and trimming the hedges and making the home more presentable. Every one of these are essential to achieve in selling your home fast. The outdoors is just as important as in because you have only seconds to make a good impression on a potential buyer when they first pull up to the property.


Oftentimes, people feel that it may be hard, or even impossible to get their home ready to sell. In actuality, if you just do a little planning and some work you can make it very easy to get your house sold quickly. With the painting and new carpet a newly married couple may be very interested in your property.


On the other hand, one point we can’t skip is that of investors. If you browse the internet and look for them you are bound to find one in your local area. Many times they can be your best bet if you don’t have the money to do anything. Great thing is that most times they pay in cash and can close in just a few days. PLUS they tend to buy homes in as is condition.

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Things To Consider To Sell Your Home Fast

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selling your home fast

You may be in a situation where you need to sell your house fast. There are few reasons why a person may need to sell their property quickly. Are you facing any of these reasons right now?


Have you had a job transfer relocating you to a different city?


Do you have a home in disrepair?


Have you inherited a home?


These are just a few reasons why someone may need to sell a home quickly.



Getting ready to sell your home fast requires a person to be somewhat flexible and follow a few rules with all the things that need to be done. This article will investigate those rules that have been designed specifically to promote those particular qualities and getting your house sold.


Getting ready for selling your home fast takes substantial work. Since you will probably be putting in around 5 days to 3 weeks on preparing your house, you should have some time to devote some energy on these things to follow.


Remember to paint with neutral colors. This is particularly pertinent while you are painting the inside of your house, since this would appeal to more potential buyers. This is not the only positive result that practicing this rule can bring. A fresh coat of paint also helps in removing odors from the house and also looking nice on the inside would be an additional benefit that also delivers the most noticeable results.


Replace the carpet. By replacing the carpet you can really make a difference on a property. It will remove all the stains that you see when the furniture is moved. It is also beneficial in making the home smell better and a potential buyer can also feel the difference of nice new carpet under their feet.


You also need to concentrate on cleaning up the yard. This is a very important step and will take some time and potentially back breaking work, and this is definitely worth it. First thing is to remove all of the children’s toys. This alone makes the yard look better. And don’t just cut the grass, but take the extra effort and trim the hedges. This can provide more curb appeal, which will ultimately help you sell your house faster.


However, it is quite possible to sell your house fast and not worry about doing any of these things. You can always search the internet and find a real estate investor to sell your property to. They will buy homes in as is condition most of the time. One website is in Georgia. They buy properties all over the Atlanta area. You can learn more about them by visiting their website here – Sell Your House Fast In Roswell


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Welcome To Our Site!

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Are you currently in the real estate market, like a realtor, investor or hard money lender? If you are any kind of real estate professional, then our site is just for you! Our site is all about helping people in the real estate market. We are also here to help people that are wanting to get into real estate investing, or possibly are thinking of it or maybe just want to find out how to sell their own home or looking for the best areas to buy their next home in.


The real estate market has changed a lot in the past few years. Everything from inflated prices in the early 2000’s to the crash of ’07 -’08 and the recent up swing in a lot of cities present day. It can be very difficult for your average home buyer or seller, not to mention how difficult it can be for real estate professionals.

After the crash and as of late, a lot of investors are returning to the market, and are faced with a few challenges. One thing is that people they used to use for hard  money or contractors or other real estate professionals are no longer in business. That’s one place where our site will come in to play and help you find today’s top real estate professionals to turn to.

You may also be in the market to buy or sell your own property. Our site will continually stay updated with the best investors and tactics to sell your property as well as let you know the best places to purchase your next home. Not all areas are created equal, and one great driving force in the price and desirability of any home is the school districts and how well they rank in the state.

So please stay tuned to our site to keep up with all of the latest changes and make it easier for your real estate business, or the sell or purchase of your next personal property.

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